Half-Life 2 Episode Two Cheats  


In order to enter cheat codes, you must enable the console window first. Go to the game options / Keyboard / Advanced... and check Enable Developer Console checkbox.

During the game press ~ (tilde) to call console window and enter sv_cheats 1 command. This command will gain you access to all console commands, and it will have to be re-entered after each game start (if you wanna use cheats during game session).
Use following commands to activate various cheats:

god - this will make you invincible.

ai_disable - disable enemy artificial intelligence

sv_infinite_aux_power - unlimited suit power 

buddha - you can take damage but you'll not die

physcannon_maxmass 1000 - this will increase the gravity gun strength to 1000 (or more). This way it will be able to lift much heavier objects such as cars or dumpsters.

noclip - go through the walls (no clipping)

notarget - enemies won't target you

hurtme 10 - this command will decrease your health level by the specified amount

sv_gravity - this will change the gravity level which will allow you to jump higher. When applying you'll have to add a value from -999 to 999999 at the end of command (For example sv_gravity 500 will set the gravity level to 500)

sv_accelerate 10 - this will change the jump distance. 10 is default value.

impulse 101 - acquire all weapons along with full ammunition.

ch_createjeep - spawn a buggy

ch_createairboat - spawn an airboat

npc_kill - kill all enemies in the area

impulse 200 - temporarily removes weapon model from the screen (until the next weapon switch)

give weapon_shotgun - command /give is used to give you specific item only. Instead of weapon_shotgun you can also choose among many other weapons, ammunition or items.

ITEMS: item_box_buckshot, item_box_mrounds, item_box_sniper_rounds, item_box_srounds, item_healthkit, item_battery, item_suit, item_ml_grenade, item_ar2_grenade, item_healthvial

WEAPONS: weapon_alyxgun, weapon_ar1, weapon_ar2, weapon_bugbait, weapon_cguard, weapon_crowbar, weapon_extinguisher, weapon_flaregun, weapon_frag, weapon_gauss, weapon_hopwire, weapon_iceaxe, weapon_physcannon, weapon_physgun, weapon_pistol, weapon_rpg, weapon_shotgun, weapon_smg1, weapon_smg2, weapon_stickylauncher, weapon_stunstick, weapon_thumper, weapon_sniperrifle, weapon_rollerwand, weapon_molotov, weapon_manhack, weapon_immolator, weapon_irifle, weapon_slam, weapon_hmg1, weapon_cubemap, weapon_binoculars, weapon_ml, weapon_brickbat


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